The American Dream of owning your own home continues to fuel the residential industry in our country.  New Home Construction, Real Estate Sales and Property Management Companies all facilitate that very dream.  Historically, all of these businesses have represented steady growth and will enjoy continued success for years to come.  ProHome® has positioned itself to take advantage of the needs that these businesses experience by providing the quality of customer service that homeowners have grown to expect.


ProHome® is the world’s largest Franchisor of residential services that focuses on homeowner services delivered through Home Builders, Realtors and Property Management Companies.   The founding concepts of ProHome® services were developed in 1983.  Having serviced tens of thousands of homeowners across the country, ProHome’s® service systems are unmatched in delivering customer satisfaction.  ProHome® is constantly featured in Industry Related Magazines across the country, which assist in providing customer awareness, creating service demand and excellent franchise opportunities.  ProHome® is recognized in the industry as the founder of it’s service concepts, while enjoying the recognition awarded by local and National Home Builder’s Associations as the “experts” in their field.


ProHome® is a network of residential services that generates revenue while creating an enormous database of qualified buyers to direct to other ProHome® interests.   Service programs designed for Home Builders, Realtors and Property Management Companies are the backbone of the business.   Because of the unique positioning the company enjoys with homebuyers prior to or at the closing of their newly built or purchased home, ProHome® is developing additional programs that generate extra revenue for the franchisee.


The ProHome® Franchisee enjoys a professional lifestyle through a “business to business” opportunity.  A required office location open 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, provides a professional business to be proud of. 

ProHome®‘s entrepreneurial spirit is shared by all of the Franchisor’s Support Staff, which is dedicated to assist the new Franchisee in developing their business strategies to benefit their business. Energetic people with sales experience, good organizational skills or management background describe the qualifications of a good ProHome® franchisee.  Experience in the residential industry is not necessary.   The Franchisee may choose to be “hands on” or simply own the business.